Overview of Security Profiles

In addition to the user roles, security profiles can be assigned to accounts to further segregate access levels. A security profile is simply a group of security permissions which grant or remove access to part or all of a feature, or modifies behaviour. A security profile allows you to grant individualized access to your users ensuring each user has the appropriate level of access.

How do I create security profiles?

Security profiles are created by Recombo and then enabled for use by a company(s). Once the profile has been added to your company(s) it can be assigned to users.

Who can assign security profiles to users?

Anyone with a security profile that includes the permission CAN_ASSIGN_SECURITY_PROFILE can assign security profiles and set the default profiles for user roles.

How do security profiles work when users are in multiple companies?

With the exception of a few, security permissions only effect access within the company the security profile has been assigned under. This means a user can have different levels of access under each company. Permissions that start with 'GLOBAL' or permissions that effect the high-level view of Agreement Manager will effect access across all companies.

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