Multi-Language Support

Agreement Express allows both signers and administrators to use Agreement Express in multiple languages. The current languages available are:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

By default, only English is available. To have other languages available for use, please contact Recombo Support.

When enabled, you can select the language for each signer when you click on Save and Send. All system-generated text in emails and in the agreement interface will then appear in the chosen language. Changing languages does not affect the agreement you are sending or any publisher-generated messages including signer instructions and personal email messages. Only system generated text will change.

Languages can be adjusted for administrators under Manage Users in Agreement Manager. When the language option is available you will be able to select the language on the Add User and Edit User panels.

Signers will have the option to switch the language the agreement interface appears in the toolbar above their agreement. When they change the language and then sign the agreement, their language selection will be set as their account's default language.

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