SimQ Folder Types

Within SimQ Manager, templates and template navigation are controlled through the organization of folders within the Templates blade of Agreement Manager. After a folder has been added to the tree/folder list, the user can select the folder, right click and then choose the folder type. The various folder types, their purpose and behaviour are listed below. In all cases where an “H” appears in the chart below the default look of the screen that appears within SimQ Manager can be changed by including an appropriate HTML file in the folder.

Dashboard Folder Type

The default dashboard will appear if the folder is left empty. The dashboard can be customized by adding an appropriate HTML template in the folder.

Navigation Folder Type

Navigation folders at the top level of the tree (far left) will automatically appear in the Actions Dropdown on the dashboard. Templates can be placed in the folders at any level.

Assembly Folder Type

Templates in the Assembly Folder with names appearing in green will always be included in the package while those in black will be user selectable. To toggle between required and optional right click on the template and selected “Toggle Optional/Required”. Documents are packaged in the order they appear in the folder. Drag to change the order.

In Agreement Manager, once the folder is set as an assembly page it can customized as needed. Right-clicking on the folder and selecting 'Change Folder Type' will now bring up various options to customize. The Icon and Theme windows are fields where the user can bring in their own logos and cascading style sheet and create the look and feel they want for their pages.

Transaction Folder Type

Templates in Transaction Folders are presented to the user one at a time, either in the order they appear in the folder, or within the subsequent folder when nested together. Next and Previous controls can be determined on a folder basis. The administrator must change every folder in the transaction tree. Each folder can only contain one landing page or template.

Hidden Folder Type

Templates in Hidden Folders are visible within Agreement Manager but not within SimQ Manager.

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