Searching in SimQ Manager

SimQ Manager allows users to build their own search parameters and save them for re-use.

Opening the Search Menu

To access Search from the All Transactions grid click on Search above the list. Then click on Add Search Row to start selecting which parameters you wish to search by. Here you will see several options:

  • Type: What parameter you wish to search on (ex/ Document Status, Document Created On etc.).
  • Operand (Where): The criteria you'd like to match (this list is being expanded)
  • Value (Is): The specific value you'd like to search for

You can add multiple parameters/rows, but keep in mind that the search will check that transactions meet all the parameters not any of them.


Once you've entered your search criteria press Search and the grid will refresh with all of the documents/transactions that meet your criteria. To remove a search criteria, press the minus in the top right of the parameter. Use the plus to add an additional parameter. Sometimes order does matter, so you can use the arrows to change the order. To clear the search criteria click on Clear Search

Searching Form Fields

You can also search form fields within the grid. After selecting Document Field from the Type dropdown you will then be able to choose which field so search. In the above example, only transactions with the Client ID CID_00134 is displayed.

Saved Searches

Searches can also be saved to easily be run multiple times from the dashboard. To create a Saved Search, click on the right Action panel and select Administrator. Then click on Saved Searches to open the Search Definition page. You'll then be able to create a new definition or modify existing saved searches. Once you click on New Definition you will set your parameters similar to an one-time search. You can click on Preview to test your search and when ready click on Save Definition. Once a search has been saved it can be run from Search section on the Dashboard.

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