TELUS Secure Contracts v10.0

Release notes for Telus Secure Contracts v10.0

Supported web browsers

  • Internet Explorer (versions 9 and up for the Flash-based interface,  version 10 and up for HTML5 interface)
  • Firefox (versions 10 and up)
  • Chrome (versions 10 and up)
  • Safari on Mac (versions 4 and up)

Web Browser Settings:

To sign agreements, browsers must have 

  • JavaScript enabled and
  • Flash Plug-in version 11 (or higher)  



Mobile browsers

On iOS versions 6.0+

  • Safari

On other devices

  • Firefox (versions 15+)
  • Chrome (versions 21+)
  • IE (versions 10+)

Mobile Browser Settings

Browsers must have JavaScript enabled







New Feature: JavaScript Support for Auto Number Field property

The JavaScript for calling the Auto Number field property is now supported in HTML5. There was already support for the Auto Number property being called on complete, draft and publish statuses.

New Feature: “Add Documents by Fax” now supported in HTML5.

The add document by fax feature has been added to HTML5. Faxing can be done from the right actions menu and on the requested documents panel.

Like Flex, once a user selects to add by fax they can choose how long to lock the fax number for. If users still have the agreement open they will be notified when the faxed document(s) is added to the agreement.

New Feature: Out of Office support in SimQ Manager and HTML5

Users can now set Out of Office in their Personal Settings in SimQ Manager. Similar to Agreement Manager, you will need to enter the email address of who to delegate your agreements to, and you can select to include existing agreements.

New Feature: Increase Max Size of Export to CSV (SimQ Manager)

Previously export to CSV would only provide the most recent 200 rows from the grid. This number has been significantly raised so you should now be able to download all data from a grid.

New Feature: Prompts when closing an unsaved agreement

The prompt to remind a user to save their work before closing an agreement has been restored in Flex and is now also supported in HTML5. By default all users will receive the prompt when closing Published and In Process agreements if they haven't signed. To have users also prompted when closing drafts, you can assign them the security permission PROMPT_USER_ON_EXIT_DRAFT

New Feature: 'Save and Close' Button Widget (HTML5)

A new button widget has been created to allow you to save your progress and close the agreement in one click. This button widget will close the tab and not redirect to the exit URL.


Key field name for button is AEXTransactionSaveQuit.

New Feature: Support for Disabling Fax in HTML5

The existing company setup for disabling fax service now also supports the HTML5 interface.


The company setup is GLOBAL_FAX_DISABLED.

New Feature: Requested Documents - Hiding 'Already Added/Faxed' (HTML5)

You can choose to hide the Already Added/Faxed option on the Requested Documents panel. Note that this is supported in HTML5 only.


The company setup is HIDE_ALREADY_ADDED_OPTION.

New Feature: Import/Export Grid and Search (SIMQ Manager)

You can now import/export Grid and Search definitions through the Admin section. Note that if a search/grid definition of the same already exists it will be overwritten.

From the right actions menu select Admin and then either Grid Builder or Saved Searches. 

To export, select Export Definitions. You will be prompted to confirm, and then a .json file will be downloaded with the naming convention “GridDefinitions_companyid.json” or “SearchDefinitions_company_ID”.

To import, click on Import Definitions and then select the .json file. Once the definitions have been imported you will receive a confirmation message. If a search/grid definition of the same name already exists it will be overwritten.

Note: Attempting to import a grid definition as a saved search, or vice versa, will result in an error.

New Feature: Requested Document Enhancements (HTML5)

The Requested Documents panel has been changed in HTML5:

• when a requested document is attached the panel, it no longer removes the document from the list but replaces the add button with the uploaded document name and a checkmark

• a Save button has been added to the panel and Save Agreement now saves requested document progress.

Feature - Requested documents panel behaviour change (HTML5)

Feature - Starter dashboard HTML File created when dashboard folder created

When a folder not already containing an HTML file is changed to a dashboard folder, a basic dashboard HTML file is automatically added to the folder to use as a base for customizations. If any HTML files are already in that folder, no dashboard HTML file is created.

The basic dashboard HTML file is created with the name 'defaultDashboard <folder name>' where <folder name> is the name of the dashboard folder.

New Feature: “Edit Company” panel resizing

The Edit Company panel now adjusts its width based on your screen size to provide more room to read the data within each tab.

Feature - Adding transaction data to Emails

Emails (both the message body and the subject) can now include data from fields, and the transaction type (if configured). The following email templates are supported:

• Request to Sign
• CC
• Completion Notification to Publisher
• Completion Notification to Recipient


Your company must be set up for Mongo and transactions.

To include the transaction type use: !transactionType!

To include data from fields use: !field:<fieldName>! where <fieldName> is the exact name of the field.

To include any meta data associated with the transaction, use: !metadata:<name>! where <name> is from the transaction data. The metadata (eg: KTOB info) is stored for a transaction varies depending on configuration.





Enhancement: Required checkbox now being handled correctly (HTML5)

Required checkboxes are now handled regardless of what page you are viewing.

Enhancement: Better error message in Resend Agreement (SimQ Manager)

If a company has emails disabled when tries to resend an agreement the message now explains that emails are disabled and suggests they use the launch codes instead.

Enhancement: Welcome Agreement not created because User was CC'd

The agreement will now be cancelled regardless of how many documents you select in the agreement.

Enhancement: “Cancel” no longer fails if you select all documents

The agreement will now be cancelled regardless of how many documents you select in the agreement.


Enhancement: Cancel Transactions is now checking security permissions correctly (SimQ Manager)

The 'Cancel Transactions' option is now only visible if you have permission to cancel in that company. Users who don't have permission to cancel will not see the option in the right actions menu.

Enhancement: You can now add any document even if viewing an attachment (HTML5)

You can now add documents to an agreement even when you are viewing an attachment.

Enhancement: HTML5 now following field format constraints

Number formatting field constraints are now respected in HTML5.

Enhancement: “Already Added/Faxed” option is now visible for mobile devices (HTML5)

The Request Documents panel now loads properly on smaller screen sizes.

Enhancement: “Required check” now working for currency field

The currency symbol is now taken into account when checking required currency fields.

Enhancement: Interface now handling IDology response (HTML5)

The interface now handles IDology response even when IDology cannot generate enough questions.

Enhancement: “Mass Upload” emails addresses now converted to lower case

Mass Upload is now consistent with other ways to publish agreements and converts email addresses to lower case.

Enhancement: Requested Documents panel now closing when everything has been attached (HTML5)

Once someone has added all requested documents they are now automatically moved to the next step, Save and Send.

Enhancement: Emails with “$” and “/” are now sent

Emails now support including a "$" (dollar sign) and/or "/" (backslash).

Enhancement: No more extra white space below the landing page (HTML5)

Sometimes landing pages displayed large white space at the bottom that wasn’t on the template. Landing pages will no longer display excess white space at the bottom.

Enhancement: Resend “Open to Sign” Option now works on IPad (SimQ Manager)

When resending, the “Open to Sign” option is now supported on iPad.

Enhancement - CC now works in Publisher Mode (HTML5)

Emails are now sent to CC users. Previously if you had a CC user when publishing an agreement in HTML5, no email would be sent sent.

Enhancement - Password Reset Panel has been improved (SimQ Manager)

Messages are now updated when the user enters a different password and the panel no longer changes sizes.

Enhancement – “Forward” working in SimQ Manager

Agreements can now be forwarded if published.

Enhancement - Grid Values in Grid are now displaying correctly (SimQ Manager)

The data in the collapsed list on dashboard grids now always display correctly. For example, a space is no longer replaced by a “+”.

Enhancement – Instructions on Requested Documents panel are no longer truncated

Instead of truncating instruction text, the text will now wrap.

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