TSC v9.7



Supported web browsers

  • Internet Explorer (versions 9 and up for the Flash-based interface,  version 10 and up for HTML5 interface)
  • Firefox (versions 10 and up)
  • Chrome (versions 10 and up)
  • Safari on Mac (versions 4 and up)

Web Browser Settings

Browsers must have JavaScript enabled and Flash Plug-in version 11 (or higher) to sign agreements in web browsers.


Mobile browsers

On iOS versions 6.0+

  • Safari

On other devices

  • Firefox (versions 15+)
  • Chrome (versions 21+)
  • IE (versions 10+)

Mobile Browser Settings

Browsers must have JavaScript enabled.





Fast sig pointer (html5)

A company setup has been created that modifies the behavior of sig pointer to jump directly to the next field/signature required even if on another page. Ex/ If there is a required field on page 1 and then a signature on page 10, you will fill out the required field on page 1 then click the sig pointer and be taken to page 10.

Supported in HTML5 Only.


Company setup FAST_SIG_POINTER with value 1.




Ability to hide signature options

A security permission has been created that will hide signature options such as signing level from the publisher.






French support for equifax

If the user's language is set to French, the Equifax panels including questions will now be displayed in French.




User's default language set through launch link

Specifying a language through a launch link will now update the user's default language.



Security permissions to alter grid views (simq)

Various security permissions have been created to change what data is shown in different grids to improve load times. These permissions affect the following grids:

  • Search
  • All Agreements
  • Unfiled
  • Documents you are Waiting to be Signed (Quick link from the Dashboard)



  • LIMIT_GRID_TOTAL_COUNT - Doesn't count the total of documents in the grid
  • LIMIT_GRID_COUNT_COMMENTS - Doesn't count the number of comments in the grid
  • LIMIT_GRID_FUTURE_REMINDERS - Doesn't check if agreements have future reminders in some grids
  • LIMIT_GRID_DOCUMENT_NOTES - Doesn't retrieve agreement notes in some grids
  • LIMIT_GRID_LINKED_TEMPLATES - Doesn't check if agreements are linked templates in some grids

LIMIT_GRID_USER_SEARCH - Doesn't not retrieve agreement signers.




I18n support for template field rules notifications

Template Field Rules Notifications now support I18N labels.



Add 'i18n:' in front of the label (ex/ i18n:welcomeEmailSubject) to use i18n values.




Divs and field enhancements (simq)

Locking Divs
Divs can now be locked so you can hold down the CTRL key to click, drag and select multiple fields without also selecting the underlying div(s). This allows you to select a group of fields, mass set the parent div and hit the X.


De-Selecting a Field in a Group
When a group of fields is selected you can now de-select a field by clicking on it again while holding down the CTRL key.


Setting Field Size Change
After changing the x/y/width/height of a field you now need to hit the ENTER key for it to be saved. This will eliminate the erratic behavior where tabbing out of the attributes would sometimes re-size the next field you touch so you no longer have to operate with the FIELD LOCK turned ON all the time. You also get the added bonus of CTRL-Z will work more reliably for putting the value back to the prior value if you made a mistake.


Div Re-sizing
Resizing a div will no longer push it to the top layer.


Toggling the locking of divs is done in Agreement Builder.




Disable old browser compatibility message (html5)

A company setup has been created that disables the old browser compatibility message.


Company setup HTML5_DISABLE_BROWSER_MESSAGE with value 1.




Global permission for assigning security profiles

A new permission has been created that will allow you to assign security profiles in any company (of which you are a Publisher or Company Admin) once you have the permission assigned under one company.






Queue id now displayed in collaboration queue grid

To assist with setting up collaboration queues in SimQ, the queue ID is now displayed in the collaboration queue grid in Agreement Manager.




Notifications when someone has opened an agreement

Notifications can now be enabled to be sent when someone has opened an agreement. Notification email can be found under the Email Templates tab in Edit Company and can be customized per company.

Notifications are not sent if:

  • Agreement is a draft, completed or cancelled
  • The publisher is the one opening the agreement
  • Person to be notified is the one whom opened the agreement


Company setup will be: NOTIFY_ON_VIEW
If set to 1, email will be sent to Publisher. Or you can enter a comma-separated list of emails (Emails must have corresponding accounts).




New atac permissions to hide transaction actions (simq manager)

The following ATAC permissions have been created to hide transaction actions on the right menu in SimQ Manager:

  • HIDE_TRANSACTION_ACTIONS to hide all the actions




New atac permissions to hide menu options (simq manager)

The following ATAC permissions have been created to hide 'Send a File' and 'Administrator' on the right menu in SimQ Manager:




Security permission that hides signature placeholders

Placeholder signatures blocks can now be hidden in Publisher mode. The signatures are still there and can be populated with email addresses through the Send Mail panel. This security permission is supported in both Flex and HTML5.

Security permission is 'CANNOT_SEE_PLACEHOLDER_SIGS'




Forgot password options for access protected (html5)

The Access Protected screen in HTML5 now includes the Forgot Password Option.




Personal settings page (simq manager)

The Personal Settings page in SimQ Manager has been added. Users can do the following in the Personal Settings page:

  • change their password
  • set/change the mobile number linked to their account
  • change their account's default language
  • change the default company when logging into SimQ Manager

The Personal Settings page can be opened from a dashboard or the right actions panel.




Show all transactions that are awaiting my signature

Filters have been created that will show only the transactions that you need to sign.


There are three filters that can be used with setting the Type to document Id and the Operand to comma separated list:

  • ShowOnlyDocumentsThatUserHasToSign - Agreement that still require your signature
  • ShowOnlyDocumentsThatUserHasToSignMarkSignable - Agreements that still require your signature (ones that can be signed now can be marked by configuring the grid using aex_CanSign)
  • ShowOnlyDocumentsThatUserCanSignNow - Agreements where it is your turn to sign




Welcome email now supports template filename

If a template is set for the company's welcome agreements, the welcome email will show the template's filename instead of the default 'welcome.pdf'.




Support for ktob tagging

Transactions can now be associated with a KTOB tag(s). When an agreement is published (both through the API and in SimQ) all tags from the ATAC groups of which the publisher is a member will be associated to the transaction.




Add attachments via clipboard (html5)

Attachments can now be added to agreements from the user's clipboard.

This is done by copying an image to a clipboard. Either having an image copied via snippet for example, or clicking on an image in MS WORD. Those are just two examples of how an image can get into the clipboard, as there are many other ways. Clicking on an image in Windows Explorer and copying that is not copying the image into the clipboard, rather it copies its location of that image.

After selecting Clipboard from the right actions menu, a new pop up appears, once you paste in your image, it will start to add it to the agreement and the pop-up will close.

Please note this feature will be disabled in IE9 and does not work on mobile devices.


It must be a valid image type and it will check for these. In addition, should your image be a .jpeg, it will get renamed to .jpg to prevent any errors on our server side.

Typical image types are as follows:

  • Jpg
  • Gif
  • Png
  • Tiff

File size must be under 10 MB. If it is over this limit, the action will be stopped and the user will be alerted that the file size exceeds maximum file allowance.

Internet Explorer: With their updates, you may get prompted about a Spell Checker, it can be ignored or accepted. No effect to the feature.

Viewing your Attachments

You can also quickly view all attachments added; this is done by opening the right actions menu, then click on the Attachments button.

This will auto-rotate the attachments so you can easily view them. If you hover your mouse over the image, it will stop the auto-rotation.

This will work on mobile and good modern browsers. IE9 will have partial support. It will have some sizing issues when switching between attachments.



Security permission for process monitor mongo for publishers

A new security permission has been created to allow publishers to see all agreements in process monitor when Mongo is enabled.





Get help - add support for unregistered users (html5)

The Get Help feature for the Send To Colleague option has been enhanced to allow those not already in Agreement Express to be set as a collaborator. If not already registered when they go to access the agreement they will be presented with the access protected screen and be prompted to register.



New widget- error list

A new widget has been created that can be used to list missed required fields. A function can be called through JavaScript to populate the error list widget allowing you to set the error messages to appear. The field must be required, visible and not filled in to be included in the error list.

The error list will appear in the following format by default:

The following fields have not met their required conditions:
[Field Label][Separator][Error Message]

Function is:

    title: "displayed title",
    separator: "separator to display between header and message",
    headers : { "field name" : "displayed header" },
    messages : { "field name" : "displayed message" },
    ignore : { "field name" : "true" }


This is supported in HTML5 only.


As an example, the following fields have not met their required conditions:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • city
  • province
  • postalCode
  • phoneNumber - Format: (###) ###-####


When calling the 'populateErrorLists()' function you may pass an object containing specific settings.


    title: "Required:",
    separator: " | ",
    headers : { "postalCode" : "Postal Code","phoneNumber" : "Home Phone" },
    messages : { "phoneNumber" : "Enter a valid phone number" },
    ignore : { "firstName" : "true" }

 This is what would appear in the error list:


  • lastName
  • city
  • province
  • Postal Code
  • Home Phone | Enter a valid phone number

Note: First Name is not displayed as we set it to be ignored, the 'phoneNumber' header and message, and the 'postalCode' header have been overridden, the separator is a pipe, and the 'title' has been changed to just "Required:"




New atac permissions for left navigation panel (simq manager)

The following ATAC permissions can be used to filter the SimQ Manager navigation panel:


Note that HIDE_ALL_TEMPLATE_FOLDERS will also hide the section "Home" from the navigation panel.




Security question support on personal settings (simq manager)

You can now change your security question on the Personal Settings page.

If you're a member of a company with multiple security questions enabled you will see the configured number of questions.




Atac permission to hide transaction page (simq manager)

An ATAC permission has been created to hide the all transactions icon in the top navigation bar and the 'Transactions' section in the left navigation panel.



New grid definition for all queue items

A new grid definition has been created that can display multiple queues on a single grid.


To use, in the admin grid definition page, add a new grid definition with definition source of "8".

For the dashboard, add a section associating it to this new grid definition. It is important to reference which queueId(s) is/are to be displayed. Multiple queueIds on a single grid is supported, by just listing the queueIds separated by commas.

Here's an example where ‘DashboardGrid-DocumentationAdmin' is defined to have source '8':

<div class="aexGrid" data-definitionname="DashboardGrid-DocumentationAdmin" data-gridname="Queue Management" data-queueid="20,22" data-showactions="true" data-definitioneditable="1" data-pageno="1" data-pagesize="99" data-showsearch="false" style="margin-top: -1em;"




Atac permission to hide search (simq manager)

An ATAC permission has been created to hide the search section of the grid on the transaction pages.






Security permissions for hiding options in html5 interface

Various security permissions have been created to hide different options on the right actions panel in the HTML5 agreement interface.


  •     CANNOT_ADD_NEW_SIGS - Hide 'Drag Signature Block' option.
  •     CANNOT_ADD ATTACHMENTS - Hide the Add Attachments option altogether.
  •     CANNOT_ATTACH_RAW - Under the Add Attachment panel, hide option for 'Upload Raw Attachment'.
  •     CANNOT_ATTACH_IMG - Under the Add Attachment panel, hide option for 'Unsigned Attachment'.
  •     CANNOT_ATTACH_SIGNING_DOC - Under the Add Attachment panel, hide option for 'Signed Document'.
  •     CANNOT_ATTACH_TEMPLATE - Under the Add Attachment panel, hide option to attach 'Template'.

    CANNOT_ATTACH_CLIPBOARD - Under the Add Attachment panel, hide option for 'clipboard'.




Disable SVG option in registration panel (html5)

A company setup has been created that will hide the SVG signature option on the registration panel regardless of what device you are using.





Recipient template enhancement

Recipient template functionality has been enhanced to allow the use of transaction folders and self-serving links for people to be able to register without a publisher having to send an agreement. Please see attached document for further information and setup.




Signature permissions separated (html5)

The company setup DISABLE_SIG_LOOKUP, which hides the autocomplete dropdown when changing a signature's email, is now independent from the security permission CANNOT_EDIT_SIG_CONSTRAINTS, which hides the signing level dropdown of the signature pop-up.

Previously, if DISABLE_SIG_LOOKUP was enabled, the signing level dropdown would show regardless if the security permission was applied.




Grid auto refresh in simq manager

SimQ Manager grids will now auto refresh every 5 minutes and a toggle has been added to each grid to allow the user to disable auto refresh while they are logged in. Auto refresh preferences are reset each time a user switches companies or logs out.




Add Last Modified Date to Grids in Agreement Manager

Agreement grids in Agreement Manager now include the date and time the agreement was last modified. (Process Monitor already had the option to include last modified.)



Enhancement to Company I18N Libraries

Company I18Ns (the ones listed in the Edit Company panel) can now be imported/exported. When exporting you can restrict the exported results by language if you wish. Similar to importing company setups and JavaScript libraries, when I18N labels with the same name in the destination company are imported the system will save over the existing company label.

On the Company Clone page there is an additional option in the list for company I18N libraries. When this is checked all company I18N labels will be copied over and the results page will list what labels were copied over.




Link to AdminHome Section Added to Agreement Manager

A link to the AdminHome Section (<server>/AdminHome?cmd=adminhome) has been added to Manage Companies. The icon is only visible if you are a System Admin or have one of the following security permissions:







Limit Manager Access Based on IP address.

Access to Agreement Manager and SimQ Manager can now be restricted based on IP address. This affects both the standard SimQ URL and custom URLs. If the user logging in is just a member of companies with the IP restriction set, their IP address is then checked.




More options Now Available in Personal Settings (SimQ Manager)

You can now set your default dashboard and time zone in Personal Settings. These can both be defined per company so that the options presented will be based on the company you have currently selected.

Note: For time zone, if you set it to the company time zone, but the company doesn’t have a time zone configured, time zone will display server time.



Upload documents in native format

By default, Agreement Express transforms any uploaded document to a PDF. You can now choose to upload a document in its native format. A Word document remains a Word document, and a graphic file remains as a graphic file.

Benefit: If you use this feature you may get faster performance, as the transform-to-PDF step has been removed from the upload function.

How to use:

- Open template

- Attach a non-signed attachment

- Deselect "If checked the uploaded document will be converted to a PDF"

- Click on Browse

- Select a file and upload it.









Screen jumping to a previously selected field

Selecting a field after signing will no longer jump you back to the previously selected field.




Email sent even if language email template doesn't exist

If no appropriate language template is found, the English one will be used, and the email will always be sent.




Delete a locked signature (html5)

The option to delete a signature from the Send Panel is no longer available if the signature is locked.




Delegated user now always able to open agreements

The delegated user will now be able to open the agreement and sign.

Previously, if someone delegates their signing to someone not in the company (but who exists), the delegated user received an email but was unable to open the agreement.






Date field calendar now working after clicking on other fields

A date on the calendar is now always selectable. Previously, had you clicked on a field and then a date field, you were   unable to select a date on the calendar until you toggle the month.




Resend no longer modifies recipient list

Resend Agreement is no longer modifying the recipient list. Sometimes, if you chose to resend a package to a signer who’s not a signer on the selected document, the system would add the signer to the recipient list.

Another scenario causing multiple save and send panels

Multiple Save and Send panels no longer appear when setting the same person as a data entry and regular signer.




Drafts can now be opened from vanity urls (simq manager)

Publishers can now open drafts no matter what URL they use. In the past, publishers whom logged into SimQ Manger through a vanity URL were unable to open a draft.



Reminders job will finish even if bad agreement encountered

The nightly service that checks if reminders should be sent would not finish if it encountered a problem with an agreement. The service now logs the ID of any agreements it encounters problems with and carries on.




Dashboard search will always find match (simq manager)

Search now handles apostrophes and trims excess space in search values. Prior to this version, results weren't displayed if the parameters included an apostrophe or leading/trailing spaces.




Collaborators can be assigned to completed agreements

Even though an agreement is completed you can still assign a collaborator to it, and the collaborator receives the email and can open agreement. Now, collaborators can no longer be assigned to completed agreements.




Attachment types dropdown always shown

In some cases, the attachment type dropdown was not displayed when adding an attachment. Now the attachment type dropdown should now always appear when enabled.



Signers able to see all their agreements (simq manager)

Users can now see all the agreements they are a signer on. In previous versions, sometimes signers to not see all their documents in SimQ Manager.



Now you can add a document requiring a signature after a non-signed attachment

Documents Requiring Signature can now be added regardless of what documents have been previously added. Previously, if you add a non-signed attachment first, you might not have been able to add a document requiring signature.




Welcome agreement email

Welcome agreement emails will now be sent regardless of the sender’s email address. Previously, they were not being sent if the sender's email address contained an underscore.




Signatures and signers now fully removed (simq manager)

Deleted signatures and signers are now properly removed and you are no longer able to publish an agreement with no signers.

Prior to this change, if you deleted a signer and published the agreement, when you opened it again all the deleted signer's signature blocks re-appear. 

Enhancement – no more blank panel when no templates marked as favourites (simq manager)

Users will now see a message informing them they have no templates marked as favourites. In older versions, when you had no templates marked as favourites, choosing to add a template in publisher mode would prompt you with a blank panel.




Clicking on a completed agreement now takes user to the signing package (simq manager)

When a user clicked on a completed agreement in SimQ Manager they could be taken to the landing page(s) instead of the signing package. Users will now be directed to the signing package.




No more double entries in send panel (simq manager)

Before, if a signer had both initials and full signature blocks, they would be listed twice in the Send Panel. Now, signers are no longer listed twice in the Send Panel.




Sessions time out correctly

A user's session will now time out correctly. Previously, if a user leaves an agreement open and locks their computer, or puts it to sleep, their session wouldn’t time out.



Next/previous arrows has consistent behavior (html5)

The Next/Previous buttons will not appear if there are no next/previous page to navigate to.




I18n labels always loading (simq manager)

I18ns now always load, even on slower networks.




Transaction type preserved when publisher adds a document for signing (simq manager)

The transaction type is now preserved when additional documents are added after starting a transaction.




Now create agreements with multiple signatures (html5)

Ad-hoc agreements can now be completed regardless of the number of signatures.




Welcome agreements can now be opened in internet explorer (html5)

Welcome agreements will always be able to be opened in Internet Explorer.




Registration now allows adresses with apostrophes (html5)

Email addresses containing apostrophes can now register.




Undefined message on requested documents panel (html5)

'Undefined' is no longer shown if no message is set.




Hidden documents (html5)

Hidden documents are now only visible to the correct users.






Those with 'user' role cannot log into simq manager

Accounts with only a user role are no longer able to log into SimQ Manager.




Collaborating on rewind - message is now correct (html5)

The message now displays the correct email address. Previously after rewinding an agreement to make corrections, the confirmation message showed # instead of the email address to collaborate on.




Change password page

The change password button now only disappears when the password has been successfully changed. This keeps the field open for those who make a mistake when changing passwords.




Javascript function works with cannot_see_placeholder_sigs permission

Javascript function changeSignatureEmail will now work even if signatures are hidden.



Phone verification works (html5)

When registering with phone verification turned on, you would never receive the verification code. The Verification code is now sent and the user can complete registration.




Account locked message has been improved

The message letting someone know they can't log in due to their account being locked from inactivity didn’t include who they should contact. The error message has been improved and now supports multiple languages.




Company reminders now handling french characters

Company reminders now handle French characters.




Export to csv handles commas in subject

Export to CSV now handles commas in subjects.




Attachments can’t be removed from agreements marked “complete”

Attachments can no longer be removed from an agreement once it's completed (unless you have the security permission).



Collaboration on 'first signer' edit rights work in html5

Collaborators can now edit all fields for the signer they are collaborating with in HTML5.




Drafts always open in html5 (simq manager)

Agreements opened from SimQ Manager will always open in HTML5 now.




Printed pdf now matching on-screen version

Radio buttons and checkboxes will now display accurately on the PDF when printed.



@ Appearing as %40 for long emails (simq manager)

Prior to this version, an email address that was longer than the space available would have the @ appears as %40. The @ symbol will now display properly.



Select a company (simq manager)

Switching companies will no longer hang and when switching companies you will now see a spinner to let you know the system is working on your request. (Chrome or IPad).



HTML5 launch code page on iphones

The launch code page will now load at an appropriate zoom level for IPhones.




Download all users panel now displays in the user’s language

The panel now displays in the user's language.





Error message displays in user’s language

The error message 'Please select a company' displayed in English regardless of the user's language. The error message will now display in the user's language.




Correct error message on access protection screen (html5)


The correct error message is now displayed. Prior to this version, when an access code was set on the access protected screen, the error message was always an incorrect access code.




French user seeing security question in english (simq manager)


SimQ Manager now behaves the same as Agreement Manager with your security question being displayed in the language you registered under. So if you registered in French your security question will be displayed in French.





You can now register on an iPad even if SVG signatures are disabled

User can now register on an IPad regardless of SVG signatures being disabled. Previously, on an IPad, you can't complete registration if the company had SVG signatures disabled.




Signer can now clear a date field (html5)

A clear button has been added to the calendar.




Phone verification code now in English and French

When a new French user registers (in a company with phone verification enabled) and uses the home phone option, the automated voice will now also be in French and use a French accented voice.




Changes now tracked for published packages (html5)

Changes will now be tracked regardless of status when clicking save.




Request to sign email is now sent when landing pages published (simq manager)

Request to sign emails are now sent when a package of landing pages, created through assembly folders, is published




Track changes has been improved (html5)

Track Changes now only records if a change is actually made. Default values are not recorded and HTML5 no longer tracks in draft mode.




Manage system i18n export

All requested entries are now included in the CSV. Prior to this, in some circumstances, not all entries were being included.




Forward functionality now sends right link (simq manager)

Forward Functionality will now direct the recipient to the signing package, if it exists.





Signers can now delete documents they've attached (html5)

Signers can now delete any document that have attached.


HTML5 now following field format constraints

Number formatting field constraints are now respected in HTML5.




Drag signature block option not visible on published agreements (html5)

The Drag Signature Block Option is no longer visible on published agreements.




Template utilities no longer breaks dropdown options with spaces

Template Utilities now handles dropdowns the same as when saving a template in Agreement Interface, thereby eliminating a problem that could occur. Now, when saving a template that has a dropdown in Template Utilities, the plus sign (+) - which is used to represent a space - gets removed (eg. First+Item is turned into First Item).



Company setup import no longer resets default security profiles

Import company setup no longer attempts to set/update default security profiles. Prior to this change, if you imported a company setup list that includes default security profiles the default security profiles in the target company will show as none.




Fields no longer shifting in Internet Explorer 10

Fields now display in the correct place on the document when using IE10. In previous versions, the fields could have appeared shifted.



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