Out of Office

If you will be unable to sign agreements for a time you can set yourself as being out of office and delegate agreements requiring your signature to someone else temporarily. When you turn on out of office, emails will be sent to both yourself and the person you've delegated to and both of you will be able to sign.

To have Out of Office available for your company please contact Recombo Support.

To set yourself as being out of office:

  1. From the dashboard in Agreement Manager, click 'Out of office setting' (you can also access the out of office panel by clicking on Settings and switching to the Out of office tab).
  2. Then check ‘I am out of office’
  3. In the new panel, enter the email address of the person you are delegating signing authority to.
  4. If you work like, you can also delegate any existing agreements you haven't signed yet. If this option is not selected, only agreements sent to you for signature during the time you are set as out of office will be delegated to your associate.
  5. Click Save.

An account using the delegated email address must already exist. While out of office is on you will both receive notifications for every agreement directed to your email address.

When you have out of office turned on you will see a message on the dashboard to remind you. The Out of office setting panel will also let you know who you delegated signing to. Emails sent to your associate will have the subject line appended to let them know the agreement was intended for you. All agreements than have been delegated will include a note in agreement details listing the date and who the signing authority has been delegated to. The agreements themselves will still retain the original signer until the delegate signs, and the signature and signer information changes to their account.

When you turn off Out of office, you will have the option of revoking the ability for the delegate to sign your agreements. The delegate can view these documents from the "Documents you need to sign" dashboard link or the links in the emails.

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