Cancelling Agreements

Sometimes after after an agreement has been published changes need to be made to the document(s) and and agreement should no longer be signable. Agreements can be cancelled in any status once a reason for cancellation has been given. Once an agreement has been cancelled, the agreement will be removed from view within Agreement Express but a copy will remain on the server. Signers who view the cancelled agreement will see either a one page document letting them know the agreement has been cancelled, who cancelled it and why (for published agreements) or the original agreement in read-only mode with 'cancelled' watermark across each page (for In Process and Completed agreements). In both cases, the information is also stored in the Agreement Details.

Due to the power of this function, users will require a security profile assigned to their account to enable this function. There are three levels of permissions that can be included in the security profile. The base permission allows the cancellation of published agreements only. The second level allows for in process and completed agreements as well. The final level allows administrators to search for cancelled agreements within Agreement Express. If you need assistance enabling this security profile please contact Recombo Support.

It can also be set so published agreements show the watermarking like in process and completed agreements instead of being replaced with the single page. Please contact Recombo Support to have this enabled.


To Cancel an Agreement:

Select all the agreements you wish to cancel and click on the Cancel Agreement icon. (only one document in an agreement needs to be select as the system will check if there are other documents in that agreement. Agreements cannot be partially cancelled. If an agreement contains more than one document, all documents in that agreement will be cancelled.)

In the new panel all selected agreements will be shown for verification. Fill in the reason for cancellation, enter your Agreement Express user password then click OK. Once the agreement(s) has been cancelled you will receive a confirmation message.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to inform any recipients about the status of their agreement as no emails are automatically sent out.

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