Change Signer - One or a Few Agreements

Sometimes an agreement gets sent to the wrong person or email address. Change Signer allows you to make adjustments to the signer list of published agreements so you can designate a new person to sign the agreement. To have Change Signer available for your company please contact Recombo Support.

To Change the Signer on an Agreement

Check the agreement(s) you wish to change a signer on and click on the Change Signer icon.

In the new panel enter the email address being replaced in the From field and the email address you wish to use now in the To field. Only one signer can be changed at a time. Then click OK for the selected agreements to be updated. Request to sign emails will be sent out for all updated email addresses if it's their turn to sign; else emails will be sent out at the appropriate time. Former email addresses will not receive any further emails for the agreement.

In all agreements updated, a record of the change will be logged in the Agreement Details containing the time and date of change, who requested the change, and old and new email addresses.

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