Setting Future Reminders

While individual agreement reminders are emails to inform signers they still have an agreement to sign, Future Reminders generate an automatic notification to whomever you wish. This can be an individual, group of individuals, or even your entire company.

For instance, say you would like to be informed before a contract is up for renewal. You can setup a future reminder to email you with your own tailored message and a link to, or copy of, the contract (that is in Agreement Express) at a chosen date.

Multiple reminders can be created for an agreement, and they can also be automatically created as part of a template setup. The reminders can be sent based on fields on the agreement, or from explicit dates you set, and they automatically appear in your calendar on the Agreement Manager dashboard.

To set up future reminders:

Click on the Future Reminders icon denoted by the calendar on the bottom of the page.

In the new panel, fill out the fields and click Save to set your Future Reminder.

1. The reminder can be set to only be visible to yourself or to everyone in your company. Making a Future Reminder visible to everyone will cause it to show up on everyone's dashboard calendar.

2. If the agreement contains any applicable fields you will be able to select them from this dropdown.

3. If sending the reminder to multiple people, separate the email addresses with a comma.

4. By default the Subject and Message will display the original ones from the agreement.

Checking and editing existing Future Reminders

On the Agreement Manager dashboard, any dates with reminders scheduled to be sent out will be highlighted in green. Clicking on any highlighted dates will show a list of the agreements with reminders scheduled for that day. You can then click on the future reminder icon to see all the reminders setup for that agreement. From this tab you can select the agreement and click on the Edit icon at the bottom to show and change the current settings for that reminder. You can also delete reminders from this tab.

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