Agreement Details


Interactions with agreements are tracked within Agreement Express. This means whenever someone views, signs, clicks Save Agreement etc. a record is made. This audit trail is visible from both Agreement Visualizer and from within the agreement itself. Records for complex transactions, such as Collaboration or Rewind are also made. The agreement details is available to everyone whom has access to the agreement.

Viewing Agreement Details from within the Agreement

Once you have opened the agreement, on the right-side (you may first need to click on 'Open Signing Instructions') click on Details to expand that section.

From Agreement Visualizer

Once Agreement Visualizer is opened, clicking on any of the icons will open the Agreement Details panel. If you are viewing a package, clicking on any of the icons for a document will show the details for just that one. Generally, only the details for the first document in the package will have records of users opening the agreement.

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