Installing the Connector

The Connector is effectively a print driver which can be installed on different platforms including Citrix and Windows Server.

Basic Installation

  1. Navigate to the folder you downloaded the file to and double-click on the Agreement Express Connector installer icon (AEX Connector). If a Windows security warning pops up, select “Run”.
  2. The setup screen opens to a welcome page. Click the Next button.
  3. If you’d like, you can change the default “printer” name of the Connector. This will be the name that appears in your list of printers. Click next when done.
  4. Select where you would like to install the Connector and click next.
  5. Choose the name of the folder that will appear in your Windows Start Menu and select next.
  6. The installation will now begin. Once the Connector is installed, click on the Finish button to close setup.

On a Citrix environment

The AEX Connector can be installed as an Administrator on the server. Then you share the rights to individual users to allow them to access the “AEX Connector Printer” on the server. No other special steps were needed for installing the AEX Connector on Citrix.

  • Install the Agreement Express Connector "printer driver" using an account that has Administrative permissions to install software & printers.
  • Grant access to the Printer Driver to the list of users that will need it - similar to sharing access to a normal printer, or shared drive resource.
  • When the regular user logs in - they should be able to see the AEX Connector in their list of printers.
  • Users will be able to print documents to the printer driver. When the main AEX Connector window appears - they will need to go to Options->Agreement Express Settings, then enter in their email address & password that matches their credentials on or
  • IF USING A PROXY SERVER: The users will need to go to Options->Agreement Express Settings, then check the "Use Proxy" box & then click on the "Get Proxy Settings from Internet Explorer" button.  This will import your proxy settings from Internet Explorer so users do not need to manually enter them.

The AEX Connector will check to see if the user profile has appropriate registry keys using the “Current User” key - and will store the preferences (User login & Password) appropriately. This should be permitted for regular users despite not having Admin status:



When Updating to a Newer Version

To update to a newer version of the Connector, un-install the current version through Windows Program and Features (or Add/Remove Programs depending on Windows version) and reboot the computer. Then just run the installer for the new version of the Connector.

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