Setting Fields to Auto-Calculate (Using Formulas)

Fields can be setup to automatically calculate a (numeric) total whether this is something as simple as adding two fields together or something more complex involving lots of fields. Formulas support the common operators (+,-,x,/) and brackets can be used to control the order of operation. BEDMAS is followed when evaluating the formulas.

Field events can be used in conjunction with formulas so that as the total is changed field properties will dynamically update based on defined field events.

To Setup a Formula:

To Setup a Formula:

1. After adding the text fields, click on the field that will be displaying the total and in the formula section under the field properties add an equals sign as shown above. This will enable the buttons in the formula section.

2. Now you will build your calculation using field IDs. (As long as the cursor is in the formula field,) clicking on other fields will automatically add the field ID to the formula. Then click on the operator to add it to the formula. (You can also type out your formula.)

3. Once done click on OK. To test, save the agreement or template and re-open it. You will then see a zero in the field displaying the total. As you enter numbers into the fields referenced in the formula you will see the total automatically updating.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

- Fields do not have to be formatted to a number to be used in a calculation but it is recommended to avoid 'not a number' error from something other then a number being entered (as shown above).

- For large calculations it can be helpful to copy the calculation to another programs such as Word or Notepad where you can see the entire formula.

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