Hiding a Signer's Email Address

Sometimes when you have multiple signers on an agreement you don't want the signers to be able to see each others' email address. Private Signatures allows you to hide the email address until each signer has completed their signature.

By default private signatures will display 'PRIVATE' however you can set a customized label through Connector signature tags. When a signer opens the agreement only their signature blocks will show an email address. Signed blocks will display the signer's name like normal.

Please note private signatures are set on a per agreement basis. You cannot turn on private signatures for only certain signature blocks on an agreement.

To turn on Private Signatures

To turn on Private Signatures

When creating the agreement, under the Agreement Builder go to the email section and check the box for Private Signatures. Existing signature blocks will then show 'PRIVATE'. Clicking on any of the signature will show you the email address.

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