Opening Agreements from a Mobile Device


With Agreement Express your customers can access any of the agreements you send them using their mobile device, without any downloads or anything for them to install. When a signer launches an agreement from a mobile device, Agreement Express automatically detects the device type and open naively in the client's browser.


Tablet View

Provided a company has mobile enabled, documents will openly automatically in the default browser on the user's device. The orientation will be portrait or landscape depending on how the device is oriented and provided the device supports orientation detection and it is not locked.  

The navigation around the document is as per normal tablet behavior with scrolling, pinching and zooming occurring as one would expect with a mobile device.  

There is no modification required for the templates for them to launch using mobile, however it is not uncommon for traditional paper based forms and templates to be unsuitable for mobile devices due to the size and location of radio buttons, check-boxes and so forth. In these cases the base form should either be redesigned or landing pages should be used to pre-populate the templates if re-design is not feasible or practical.

Please note that although most Agreement Express functions are supported, there are some advanced javascript functions that are not yet supported. If you are using advanced javascript in your forms and are concerned that they may not work, please contact Recombo Support so that we can assist you.

Like the main Flash-enabled interface, signers will have an arrow to guide them through the process. When signing a package they will be prompted to switch to the next document requiring their signature when they're done the document they're viewing. After they've finished signing they will be prompted to click on Save and Send like normal.

Left Navigation Menu

All documents in the agreement are visible by clicking on the icon in the top left corner.  The active document is highlighted and each page of that document is displayed below to make navigation easier. Pages that have signatures on them are indicated with the pen icon next to the page number (indicated above with the yellow arrow).

If the document is a part of a package other documents  are listed below. They can also be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the header icon.

Click anywhere on the document to hide this menu.

Note that performance is optimized with the expectation that the viewer will be moving sequentially through each page of the active document. Also note that none of the document(s) is retained on the device for security purposes.

Right Actions Menu

Clicking on the icon on the right will expose the Actions menu. From here a user has many options:

Save Agreement: This saves any information entered on the agreement within Agreement Express (not locally on the device). Signed signature blocks are not saved until the signer clicks on Save and Send.

Add: This will allow you to add an attachment from the devices photo library, directly from the camera, or add another template if permitted.

Delete This will delete the Active document (or attachment) if permitted

Instructions: This will display the signing instructions as associated with the document or template.

Details: This will display the viewing, signing and other relevant history of the document.

Clicking anywhere on the document will hide this menu.

Signature Pointer

Like the behavior of the desktop version, the signature pointer will guide the user through the document indicating required fields, signatures or the need to switch to a next page/document.  Please note that if the signature pointer is blocking your view of something you can tap it and it will temporarily disappear. Clicking on the signature pointer will not "page down" as it does in the desktop version since tablet scrolling is more efficient than desktop.

Registration Panel

The mobile registration panel is the same as it is in the desktop version, except that it allows the user to also write their signature (see Digitized Signatures or SVG Signatures).  This does not take the place of the digital signature, but instead augments the digital signature.  This true representation of an individual's signature is then used as a watermark beneath their digital signature on the agreement they signed, as opposed to the user choosing a scripted font that looks nothing like their real signature. It is NOT necessary to complete the digitized signature, but it is an extra security measure for the user and may be required by some companies.

Add Document Right Panel

When adding documents from the right menu, such as a driver's license or passport, simply touch Add on your tablet and then choose to use either the camera or from the hard drive.  

If you use the camera the image will be automatically uploaded and the image will not be stored in your devices camera roll or photo library. If you wish to retain a copy, simply take the picture first and then choose the second option to browse.

The default name for a photo attachment is "image.jpg" . You can either add this as is or change the name to whatever you desire.  It is not necessary to put the .jpg extension.

Switch Document Panel

Once you have completed signing a document a Switch Document panel will appear if there are further documents requiring signature. Clicking this will automatically take you to the next document in the package. If you wish to continue reviewing the document you can click anywhere on the document and this dialog will disappear. If you dismiss this panel you will need to use the left navigation menu to move to the next document.


Please contact Agreement Express Support for information on enabling the ability to open agreements on mobile devices.

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