Signing the Agreement

Q: I clicked on the link in an e-mail that I received, and my internet browser opened to a page that shows an Agreement Express agreement. What do I do now?

A: Follow the arrow; it will guide you through your agreement. If you aren’t already registered, when you click on a signature block, you will be prompted to register, else simply enter your password where prompted, and click ACCEPT.

Once you have signed where needed, click SAVE & SEND and you’re done.

Q: I haven’t received an Agreement Express password. How do I sign up for one?

A: You will be prompted to register and create a password the first time to sign. When you click on a signature block the registration panel will appear. You will be able to use this password for any future Agreement Express agreements sent to you.

Q: How do I know where to sign?

A: An arrow will guide you along pointing to any fields that need to be filled in or spots to sign. The system will also let you know if there are additional documents in the agreement that you need to review.

Q: I’ve signed the agreement, but now I can’t make any changes. Why?

A: Once an agreement has been signed, Agreement Express locks the agreement so that it cannot be modified in order to comply with Electronic Signature laws.

Q: I’ve signed the agreement, but the other people haven’t. What do I do next?

A: You need to wait for the other signers to complete their part. Once the agreement has been signed by everyone you will be emailed an “Agreement Completed” notification with a link to the fully signed agreement (which you can view and save a copy whenever you need to).

Q: I’m not the person who is supposed to sign the agreement that I received.  How can someone else sign it instead?

A: Generally, if you are sent an agreement that you cannot sign, you should contact the sender and redirect them to the correct email address of the person that should sign the agreement.

Q: I’m trying to sign but keep receiving the message “another user has signed in the meantime.”

A: Please close and re-open the agreement. Another signer has signed since you opened the agreement so the system is stopping you from signing an older version of the agreement.

Q: Someone else has just finished signing but now it won't let me sign.

Please open the agreement from the attachment link sent to your email address. To prevent unauthorized people from signing in your place, everyone is sent a unique attachment link that will only allow the email recipient to sign.

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    Rebecca Dawson

    I have created an account but didn't let me create a signature now every time I click to sign its just my name and no signature?

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