Upload a Document to Create a Basic Agreement

To create an agreement using a document from your computer, simply upload your document directly into Agreement Express and place at least one signature block to publish.

In Agreement Manager click on the Send an Agreement button at the top. Then select the document from you computer you wish to use. (Any non-PDF documents uploaded will be converted to PDF before the Agreement Interface appears.)

A new browser tab/window will appear with the selected document in the centre of the Agreement Interface. In the right column, click on Signatures and Form Tools.

Dragging a Signature

  1. Click and drag the signature block onto the document where you would like it to be.
  2. In the pop-up enter the signer's email address. For information on the different types of signature blocks please click here.
  3. Click Save.

The signature block will now display the signer's email address.


  1. Once the agreement is ready to go click on Save and Send at the top.
  2. Enter an email subject. This subject will also be displayed in Agreement Manager.
  3. Enter an email message.
  4. Then click Send.

The agreement will then be published and an email will be sent to the signer. You will also be able to find the agreement in Agreement Manager.

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