Organizing Your Agreements

When looking at agreements, icons are used to easily identify what stage agreements are in. If you are unsure of the meaning of an icon, you can move your mouse pointer to hover over the icon and a pop-up message will provide more information.

Under the Folders blade, clicking the All Agreements folder will load all the agreements (published in the last 90 days) you have access to. The Unfiled folder shows all agreements that have not been moved to a user-created folder.

Icon Glossary

Draft - The agreement has not be sent out for signing yet.
Published - The agreement has been sent for signature. No one has signed yet.
In Process - At least one party but not all parties have signed the agreement.
Completed - The agreement has been signed by all parties.
Document Package - The agreement contains more than one document (documents requiring signature or attachments).
Parent Document - The parent of a package, representing the package as a whole

To Create a New Folder

Right click on an existing folder and click Create New Folder. In the new window, enter the folder name and click OK. The new folder will then be added to the list.

Deleting a (User-Created) Folder

Right click on the folder and click Delete Folder. All agreements in the folder will automatically be moved back to the Unfiled Folder.

Note: You can only delete folders that you have created.

To Move an Agreement

To move agreements to a different folder you click (and hold) the agreement and drag it to the intended folder. To move more than one agreement, select the agreements and then click somewhere on the selected group and drag to the intended folder.

When you move agreements from the All Agreements folder those agreements will not be removed from the list (that folder will always display all agreements you have access to). When moving agreements from the Unfiled or user-created folders they will be removed from the originating folder.

Sharing User-Created Folders

Sharing user-created folders allows multiple users to see the same folders and have agreements organized the same way. When a folder is shared, all users the folder is shared with will see the same agreements (if they have access).

To share a folder just right click it and select Share Folder. You will then be asked to select which company to share it with (if you are a member of more than one) and can select whether to share it with all publishers (including company admins) or just company admins.

To un-share a folder, open the Share Folder panel again and you will have the option to delete.

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