Company Smart Objects & Grid Widget

Company Smart Objects

Company Smart Objects are essentially a grouping of fields and logic that can be easily re-purposed across different templates within a company, without having to re-create them each time.

An example of this could be a “Personal Information” section, where First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address, etc. must all be captured. If this “Personal Information” section was required on more than one template, one could use Company Smart Objects to capture and save the field-arrangement, and access it from another template.

Once the Company Smart Object is saved, the object can be easily accessed and inserted to any template within the company!

Grid Widget

A Grid Widget is a group of fields within a Landing Page that can be easily duplicated or removed using Plus and Minus buttons (+/-).

Grid Widget is often useful in situation where “One or More” of an item could be added.

An example of this could be where one or more Person is added to an Account. Each “Person” would be represented as a Grid Widget Row, and could contain information such as “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Phone Number”, “E-mail Address”.  In this example, one could easily add an extra row, or “Person”, by clicking the “Add New Row” (+) button, or remove any additional “Persons” by clicking the “Remove Row” button (-).


Creating a Company Smart Object:

To create a Company Smart Object, one must first be in the Flex Template Editor.

Once the Flex Template Editor is open, one can perform the following steps to create a Company Smart Object:

  • Open the Signatures and Form Tools blade, from the Right-Hand side of the window
  • Drag the desired fields to the template, and arrange them as necessary.
  • Add any additional logic as necessary (JavaScript, Field Events). This logic will need to be in place prior to saving/creating the Company Smart Object.
  • Ensue the Field Lock setting is in the Off position

  • Once desired fields are on the template, hold Ctrl, then Click + Drag your mouse to select all fields that should be added to the Company Smart Object.

 Right-Click any of the selected-fields to bring up the action menu

  • Select Create Smart Object


  • Enter a Name and a Description, then click Create.

  • Your Company Smart Object has now been successfully created!

Inserting a Company Smart Object: 

To create a Company Smart Object, one must first be in the Flex Template Editor.

Once the Flex Template Editor is open, one can perform the following steps to insert a Company Smart Object:

  • Right-Click anywhere in the Template Editor
  • Select Smart Objects

  • Select the desired Smart Object to Add, and click Insert. (Both System Smart Objects, and Company Smart Objects are found within this menu).

  • The Company Smart Object will now be pasted into the template!

    Using Company Smart Objects in Grid Widget

    To create a use a Company Smart Object in a Grid Widget, you will first need to have the Flex Template Editor open.

    Note: It is not necessary to use a Company Smart Object for Grid Widget to function properly. If you do not wish to use a Company Smart Object, simply add the desired fields to the template and performing the following steps.

    The following steps assume that you have already pasted/inserted a Company Smart Object into your template:

    • Encapsulate your Smart Object within a DIV:
  • Drag and drop a DIV widget onto the template

  • Position and resize the DIV so that it covers all fields in your Smart Object
  • Update the DIVs Layer attribute, and ensure it is lower than the Layer of your Smart Object fields

  • Save as Template the template, and overwrite the current copy

  • Close and re-open your template, in order for the new layer properties to be applied

  • Ensure a pound (#) character exists in the Field Name for every field within your DIV, including the DIV itself. (E.g. firstName#) – Note: This delimiter can exist anywhere in the field name. It does not have to be at the end, and will increment automatically regardless of position within the Field Name.


  • Apply a common Group Name to every field within the DIV, including the DIV itself. This Group Name must end with the post-fix “_smrtGroup”. (E.g. “person_smrtGroup”).  

  • Note: To add a Maximum Number of Rows that the Grid Widget will allow, simply update the DIV’s Group Name to the format “_smrtGroup:N”, where N is the maximum number of rows desired. (E.g. person_smrtGroup:5”) 
  • Set the Parent property for every field within the DIV, to the Field ID of the DIV itself. Note: Do NOT set the Parent attribute on the DIV itself – only the fields it contains.
  • Enter the DIV’s Field ID into the Parent section
  • Click the ‘X’ Button
  • Repeat for all fields inside the DIV
  •  Save as Template your template. All necessary configurations have taken place.

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