Agreement Express 17.18 Release Notes


Access-protection when sending agreements

When sending agreements, it may at times be required to have a layer of protection involved with viewing the agreement. This can be done by setting an access code on the template in a transaction. As a result, when the recipient tries to open the agreement, they are prompted with an Access Code panel:


Hide/Unhide toggle Sticky Notes button now applies to all pages

The button which would hide/unhide the sticky notes would only toggle visibility on the page that it was clicked on. The visibility of sticky notes is now accessible across all pages.

Fixed issue with reports not saving on the first save

An issue was found with creating new reports, where clicking on Save would give the message “Grid definition saved”, but not save the filters and columns and instead just create a blank report new. This has been fixed, and new reports now get fully saved on the first time.


Recipient language is no longer getting reverted when sending agreements

When sending an agreement to multiple recipients, and changing the first recipient’s language to a non-default language, it would get reset back to what it was originally when adding additional recipients. This has been fixed, and the recipients’ language will reflect the setting.

Exporting Template Folders is now labeled correctly

When using the Migration Tools, the option to export Template folders would be incorrectly labeled as “Javascript Libraries (will be prompted to select)”. The option is now labeled correctly.

Migrating Matrix Packages now removes old ones

The feature to import Matrix Packages via Migration Tools used to retain the old version of a package instead of overwriting it. This has been fixed, and importing a Matrix now removes the old one.

Fixed issue with linking templates

An issue was found with creating links between templates, where duplication would occur, resulting in multiple versions of the same agreement getting generated when only one should. This has been fixed, and duplicate links will no longer get created.

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