Agreement Express 17.17 Release Notes


Admin ability to unlock secure fields

Company Administrators are now able to assign individual user permissions for unlocking secure fields.

Activity will still be timestamped in the audit trail to ensure visibility and compliance of actions related to secure fields.


Create Personal Signature agreements

Previously, creating and sending an agreement containing a personal signature would go through the regular “Request to sign” emailing process. This feature has been updated so that personal signature agreements are complete upon sending.


Creating reports of existing name

Creating new reports using an existing name was producing a duplicate of the existing report. The existing report with the same name will now be replaced by the new one.

Changing signer no longer lists new recipient as ‘undefined’

Previously, changing signer of a transaction would list the new signer as ‘undefined’ on both the expanded and collapsed transaction cards. This has been fixed, and the new recipient is now correctly listed on the transaction cards after changing signer.

Copying a transaction will now close the “Copy” panel

When using the “Copy” feature, a new tab is opened with the new transaction, but when returning to the workspace the “Copy” panel would remain open. This panel has been updated to close upon successfully copying the transaction.

Uploading bad zip file when using Bulk Send now triggers error message

Previously, when using the Bulk Send feature and uploading a Zip containing no CSV for the Bulk Send would not result in an indication of the problematic file. This has been fixed and any bad Zip will trigger an error message.

Clicking on a completed signature now shows signer’s email address

When clicking on a completed signature of one of the signers, a prompt pops up details about the signer. In addition to the signer’s name and signed date, the prompt is now also displaying the signer’s email address.

Multi-signature agreements for new users

An issue was found where multiple signatures for the same signer on the same signing level would result in the user only being able to sign one of them, but only when the signer is a new user that has never registered in the past. This has been fixed, and a multi-signature agreement does not pose any issues with the signing process.

Better compatibility with Edge and Safari 9

Several changes have been applied to the code for rendering some core elements in order to be more compatible with Microsoft Edge and Safari 9.

Fixed issue with the CSV for Bulk Send not being downloadable

An issue was found with Downloading the CSV template for Bulk Send, when the transaction for bulk send only had a single signature and no other fields. This has been fixed, and such templates no longer cause issues with downloading the CSV.


Added more information on password policy to password reset dialog

Attempting to set a password that was previously used and is in violation of the company’s password policy was resulting in an unclear message. This has been fixed, and the password reset panel now says how many of the previous passwords can no longer be used.

Company Migration tools now export/import templates with API mappings

Previously, exporting or importing a template with API mappings would lose those mappings and cause the template to lose API-powered functionality. This has been fixed and exporting/Importing templates includes the API mappings.

Removed extra column from exported CSV of Extended Lookup table

Previously, when exporting an Extended Lookup table, it would export a CSV with an extra comma at the end of each row, resulting in an additional empty column. The additional column is no longer generated in the exported CSV

Grid Widget subtotal now updates when a row is removed

An issue was found with the Grid Widget, where removing a row from the grid would not update the subtotal. The Grid now updates upon removing a row.

Firefox now renders template importing prompt correctly

When importing templates using the Migration tools, any duplicate templates with conflicting unique identifiers are presented in a prompt, which enables the user to decide what to do with each conflict. This prompt was found to be rendered incorrectly in Firefox but has been fixed.

Fixed v3 publishing issue with DISABLE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATIONS

An issue was found for companies who have the DISABLE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATIONS company setting set to 1, where using the v3 publishing API to publish multi-template agreements would cause a code 5001 error to be triggered and returned to the requester. This issue would not affect the workflow itself, as the agreements would still get published, but the code 5001 error would still be returned, making it appear as if the publishing failed. This has been fixed, and the DISABLE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATIONS setting no longer triggers errors in this scenario.

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