Agreement Express 17.15 Release Notes


Added "Edit Application" feature

A new feature has been added to Edit Application. A button appears in transactions that are in Draft state, only when they are preceded by landing pages. Upon clicking on the button, the transaction is sent back to the landing pages that were used to generate the Draft.


Fixed issue with Total Transaction Time

An issue was found with the total transaction time, where it would get reset when a signer is changed. This has been fixed, and changing signers no longer resets the transaction time.

Disabled attachments for Cancelled agreements

Previously, it was possible to add attachments to canceled transactions. The option to attach documents to cancelled agreements has now been disabled

Resending previously opened transactions

An issue was found with resending a transaction to a recipient who had previously edited and saved it, where the link in the resent email would open a blank agreement. This has been fixed, and resending a previously edited transaction will enable the recipient to open it again.

Renaming template file name

Previously, changing the name of a template file in the Administrator section would update the name with an incorrect file extension. This has been fixed and changing a template’s file name will keep the correct extension.

Visual and functional improvements to Bulk Send feature in IE11

Several issues were identified in the Bulk Send feature when viewing in Internet Explorer 11. These have been fixed.

Fixed Elapsed Time calculation for Scorecards

Previously, the Scorecards’ elapsed time would be calculated using current date, even when the transaction is completed. This has been fixed, and completed transaction elapsed time is now calculated based on date of completion.


Fixed issue with Salesforce UI Mapping

An issue was found when loading pre-existing mapping, where the Salesforce field names would load in incorrectly at times and causing the mapping to scramble. This has been fixed and the issue will no longer occur.

Fixed export feature bug in company migration tools

A bug was identified in the company migration tools, where in a rare situation using the export button would trigger an infinite looping logic. This has been fixed.

Fixed issue with credit report not showing Vantage Score section

Previously, when clicking on the Credit Report button on a scorecard, the credit report would in some circumstances not display a section. This has been fixed, and the issue will no longer occur.

Read the full release notes here.

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