Agreement Express 17.14 Release Notes


Send Attachments with Bulk Send

The Bulk Send feature now allows for the creation of transactions that contain attachments. This can be performed by generating the transactions with a csv upload and adding an Attachment column to the upload. Include file names in this column, separated by commas, then package into a zip file including the attachments. 

Once the zip file is prepared, it’s a simple matter of creating a Bulk Send for the transaction and when the zip file is uploaded, the attachments will be deployed to the intended recipient.


Search by priority fields

If priority fields are set up for a company’s transactions, they can be used as a searching criteria in the search bar. The pre-filled priority field name can be selected from the drop-down menu when clicking on the search bar. 

Rotate attachments

Upon viewing an attachment in a document, a new rotation button will appear beside its name in the attachments panel. Clicking this button will rotate the attachment clockwise 90-degrees

Pinned attachment panel

The attachment panel is used to add attachments or view existing ones and can now be pinned so it doesn’t collapse. This step enables the user to navigate through different pages of the agreement without having to click the attachment paperclip button multiple times. 


Improved navigation when adding attachments

A scroll bar has been introduced to the attachment panel, enabling users to scroll through a large list of attachments without hiding the button to add additional attachments

Changes to Snooze feature

Setting the timing of a  transaction to Snooze has been standardized to have the user select a pre-defined time measurement, which then enables a dropdown menu to select a numeric value

Fixed issue with resending transaction

An issue was identified when using the “Resend” feature, where the recipient would open a blank page when using the url provided in the resent email. This has been fixed, and clicking on the transaction link in the resent email now opens the transaction as expected

Tutorial has been updated

The tutorial has been updated to reflect the latest look of the transaction cards, including signing levels and time in hours.

Fixed issue with Bulk Send when sending unfilled .csv

An issue was identified when uploading a .csv file containing no entries aside from headers. In addition to this, upon re-uploading a correct .csv within the same bulk send window and clicking on “View Transactions” would result in opening the incorrect transaction generated by the first file. This has been fixed, and an empty .csv generates a comprehensive error message, while attempting to re-upload a valid .csv will result in correct transactions being generated.

Fixed issue with validation widget

The validation widget, which would be presented as a green checkmark, working incorrectly when viewing agreements. The issue has been fixed.

Adjusted positioning of Send button in Bulk Send

A styling issue was found with the Bulk Send features, which would manifest itself on smaller screen sizes by displacing the ‘Send’ button, rendering it partially cut off. The Send button now renders correctly on all screen sizes

CSV template for Bulk Send is now alphabetically sorted

When downloading the CSV template for setting up a Bulk Send, the field headers are now alphabetically sorted upon download.

Fixed issue with personal signatures not rendering

An issue was found with adding multiple personal signatures when creating a document. The resulting signing package would render the first one but replace the rest with signature blocks. This has been fixed and all personal signatures render correctly on a signing package

Added scroll bar to Bulk Send window

When using the Bulk Send feature on smaller screens, the Manage Send window was shrinking and the buttons at the bottom of the prompt would be cut-off. A scroll bar has been added to the prompt which appears when it becomes too small to display all elements.

Workspace updated after Bulk Send

Previously, when using the Bulk Send feature, after completing the job and closing the dialog,

the workspace would occasionally not be updated with the newly created transactions. This has been fixed and the Workspace is updated with the new transactions as expected.

Fixed issue with priority fields not showing

An issue was found, where at times priority fields on transaction cards would not have values. The issue has been resolved, and the priority fields are now populated with the necessary data.


Improvements Grid filtering

When setting Grid filters, it is now possible to filter by Transaction Type of “Document”, allowing for exclusion of one-off document transactions from the Grid view.

Improvements to format of transaction reports

Previously the transaction reports downloaded from SimQ would provide total transactions per task name. This has been changed so that all individual transactions are present in the report, in addition to the sum totals per task name

Optimizations for loading agreement data

Loading data into agreements when displaying them in the agreement viewer has been optimized to perform better. This results in faster loading of documents containing large amounts of data.

Fixed Jobs Error section of transaction reports

Previously, the Jobs Error section of the transaction reports would show the same details as the Jobs Completed section. This has been fixed, and the Error Jobs now reflect accurate information.

Transposing image widgets when using one-to-many

Previously, image widgets weren't transposing their values to the signing package when using one-to-many document generation. This has been fixed, and document generation properly transposes all necessary data during one-to-many document generation.

Read the full release notes here.

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