Agreement Express 17.13 Release Notes


Bulk Send

Bulk Send enables delivery to multiple recipients simultaneously. Each recipient gets the same email message, however, they each receive their own unique package of documents, pre-populated with unique field data. 


Not in Good Order (NIGO): Two new NIGO reports indicate the overall Not in Good Order Rates and Total Completed each month. 

Rewind by Reason and by User

These two new reports highlight how many Rewinds have been performed on a per-user or per-reason basis.


Transactions views are now logged and displayed on cards

The transaction cards now display the last time the document was viewed at the current signing level of the transaction. 

Reports filter by group

Reports can now be viewed by group or department. When viewing any existing report, select a group or department from the right hand Groups menu. 

Speed type company reports now have time unit filtering

The speed type report now offers the option of displaying the reports in minutes, hours and days.


Templates now support i18n labels

i18n labels will be displayed as their associated values.

New document from a completed transaction now copies fields over
When opening the 3-dot menu of a completed transaction and selecting “New Document”, the field values now be properly copied over to matching fields of the new transaction.

Option menu buttons no longer active while viewing attachments
The comments, rewind and zoom buttons can no longer be clicked while an attachment is open.

Improved card styling to better display alerts
Alerts for a transaction have been realigned with an indent to make them easier to read.

Visual improvements to company reports
Several improvements have been made to the visual styles on company reports:
i)    Smaller screen sizes now display the filters at the top of the report in a more natural manner
ii)    Grid headers now properly align with their corresponding columns
Correspondence comments now list sender after forwarding copy
When forwarding a transaction as a copy, the sender is now listed in the From column .

“Cannot view this agreement” message fixed for users without access
If a user attempts to view a document without access, the splash screen will now display the “Cannot view this agreement” message.

Predicted average identifier on Transaction progress bar.
When the average time to a transaction is shown in days, a “D” will be visible above the average time identifier on the progress bar.

Field label is now showing on priority fields
An issue was found with priority fields, field names would be displayed in place of labels on scorecards. This has been fixed and labels are now properly being displayed.

Visually improved collapse transaction cards.
Collapsed transaction cards now display multiple signers properly.

V3 API handling signing level gaps
An issue was found in the V3 API, where publishing a document while having a missing signing level between two existing ones would not remove the gap. This has been fixed to have the V3 API check for gaps in signing levels before publishing.


New integration task to print scorecards and attach to a transaction

A new integration task has been introduced which can be added to existing client processes to automate attaching the printed scorecard to a transaction.

Now able to delete signatures with capitalized labels

An issue was identified where signatures coming from templates could not be deleted prior to “Save and Send” if the signature’s label contained an upper-case letter (for example ‘Signer1’). This issue has been resolved and deleting signatures now works as expected.

Import feature during company migration

Previously, when importing multiple items using the company migration tool, templates would not import. The import feature is now importing all company configurations.

Fixed issue with generating template field rules

An issue was found where template field rules would be generated with a missing character, preventing two parameters from being delimited. This would happen when adding a process through the API Integration section in SimQ Admin window. This has been fixed, and field rules are now generating correctly.

Read the full release notes here.

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