Agreement Express 17.16 Release Notes


Sticky Notes

You can now append comments to an agreement, in the form of digital Sticky Notes.

In Publisher View, the user selects “Place Sticky Note,” adds a text comment and drags the Sticky Note to the intended section of the agreement. Upon sending, Sticky Notes cannot be edited, but can be moved or toggled on/off by the recipient and publisher. Sticky Notes are discarded after the transaction is complete. 


Unlock secure fields

The agreement viewer now has the ability to unlock secure fields on completed agreements, so long as the viewing user has the necessary account permissions. 


UI enhancements in the viewer

  1. When moving a signature in a draft agreement by drag-dropping it, a dotted outline of the signature follows the cursor to preview its position:
  2. When opening an agreement, a page selector with page thumbnails appears at the bottom of the page for a few seconds
  3. When signing multiple signature boxes, only the first one will prompt the user to log in. Every subsequent signature box can be clicked to sign without a login prompt

Next and Previous buttons will only show if applicable

In cases where documents have just one page, the buttons for navigation to Previous and Next used to appear even though there were no further pages to navigate to. This has been updated to make the Previous and Next buttons to only appear when there is a corresponding page.

Two-step verification
Two-step verification is enabled for MV2. 


Export individual template folders

When using the Migration Tools, exports were limited to all template folders. This functionality has been expanded to allow administrators to choose which individual template folders need to be exported.

Overwrite JavaScript libraries using Migration Tools

Previously, when using the Migration Tools it was possible to export and import JavaScript libraries, but importing would not work if the library was already present for the company. This has been improved to prompt the uploader with a notification to select which libraries to overwrite for those that already exist.

Overwrite a Matrix or Dynamic Package using Migration Tools

When using Migration Tools, a Matrix or Dynamic Package could be imported only when it didn’t already exist in the target company. This has been updated to allow for overwriting when importing into the company. Upon importing a Matrix or Dynamic Package that already exists in the company, the administrator is now prompted with a message to select those which need to be overwritten.

JSON configurations can be edited via API Integration UI

The API Integration UI now has a panel to add, change and remove attributes in the JSON that is used to configure the integration.

Exporting company configuration no longer exports users

Previously, when exporting company configuration using the Company Migration feature in the Administrator section of SimQ, the company configuration would include users. This option has been removed, and company configuration no longer includes users.

Salesforce execution order adheres to definition of group

Previously, the execution order of creation/update pushes would use the level of the definition rather than the order defined in the group. This has been updated to adhere to the order defined in the group.

Multiple GridWidgets on landing pages

An issue was identified with having multiple GridWidgets on a landing page, with each one having multiple rows. This would prevent all of them from working correctly. The issue has been resolved, and multiple GridWidgets no longer interfere with one-another.

Exporting extended lookup tables

Downloading the extended lookup tables would at times result in a consistent error, preventing the ability to download some specific lookup tables. The issue has been fixed, and it is now possible to download extended lookups that were previously affected by this.

GridWidget child rows inherit the visibility state

Previously, adding more rows in the GridWidget and then setting its visibility to Hidden would hide the first row and headers, but the child rows would remain visible. This has been fixed and the visibility of all rows in the GridWidget have consistent visibility.

Child rows of GridWidget inherit WidgetEvents and Forumla Fields

An issue was found where WidgetEvents and Formula Fields would not get correctly copied to new rows. This has been fixed, and new rows are now copied to new rows with the same functionality as the previous row.

Read the full release notes here.

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