Agreement Express 17.11 Release Notes May 31


22855 – Added information panel to Template

An information panel now appears when clicking on a template, containing a number of different details such as:

  • Created On
  • Created By
  • GUID
  • File Name
  • Saved Versions (if the template was updated in the past)

22561 – Added option which will track the last landing page viewed

An option has been added to the transaction folder properties called “Track Last Page”. When this is enabled, the transaction will keep track of the last landing page that the user viewed. If the user closes and re-opens the transaction, they will automatically be taken to the last landing page they viewed.

22856 – Added a feature to tag templates

Introduced a new feature to add tags to templates. This will be used in place of folders to organize templates:

To add a tag:

  • Click on the template
  • In the Tags field of the information panel, type in a tag and hit space to add it.
  • Click the x on the tag if you wish to remove the tag
  • Once a tag has been added once, it will be made available as an auto-complete dropdown option when tagging other templates

Note: tags must be lower-case, and cannot contain spaces.

22877 – Added ability to overwrite a template with an existing one.

 Introduced a new feature to overwrite a template using existing templates. This can be accessed by selecting a template to open the information panel, and clicking the “select template to overwrite” button.

This will expand a navigation menu on the right side of the screen, which can be used to select which template that will be used to overwrite:

Note: this feature can only use existing templates, and is not used for uploading new ones.

Once the template has been overwritten, a backup version of the old template will be saved to the “De-activated” section:

Selecting this de-activated template will open an information panel with the option to restore the template to its former one:

23192 – Two more report types added: Speed and Rewind

Two more reports are now in MV2:

  • The Speed report provide statistics on the time it takes for transactions to get completed
  • The Rewind reports provide statistics on how many times individual users had to rewind transactions:

23610 – Added utility to auto-generate MV2 tags from Template folders in Flex

With the introduction of template tags, a feature has been added to auto-generate template tags based on the template folder names in Flex. During this process, spaces will be replaced with underscores, special characters will be removed, and all characters will be converted to lower-case to make the names adhere to tagging standard.

This process can be activated from the Admin Section – the icon for this can be found under Manage Companies blade in Flex manager. In the Admin section, the process can be found under Misc -> Mongo Administration. Upon selecting the company and clicking the “Run” button under “Convert Template Folders to MV2 Template Tags” at the bottom of the page, the process will begin.

Note: the processing time will vary depending on the amount of template folders in the company.


22561 – Added option which will track the last landing page viewed

An option has been added to the transaction folder properties called “Track Last Page”. When this is enabled, the transaction will keep track of the last landing page that the user viewed. If the user closes and re-opens the transaction, they will automatically be taken to the last landing page they viewed.

19313 – Company Migration in SimQ now transfers Optional/Required states

When migrating company configuration in SimQ and including template folders in the migration, the Optional/Required status of templates within Assembly Page folders will now be copied over accordingly.

20053 – Added default parameter values when creating API processes

Previously, creating a task would result in form fields without any association or mappings to make the task functional. Some basic structures have been added for creating new integration tasks. After creating a new task, a list of template fields will be available in a drop-down menu for the creator of the new task to create the linkages to the desired fields.


22388 – Removed source field names from appearing when exporting reports

An issue was identified when exporting reports to CSV, where a small table containing field names would appear on the bottom-left corner of the browser. This has been fixed and the field names no longer appear.

23207 – Improved handling of attachment file names

Previously, there was a limit on the size of the attached file name, and using an attachment that exceeded this limit would not give any specific error message. The character limit has been changed from 50 to 150 characters, and a comprehensive error message will now appear when the new limit is exceeded.

23288 – Fixed issue with alerts on expanded and collapsed transaction cards

An issue was identified with the transaction cards, where the alert details would not appear for the signer on expanded and collapsed view unless only one signer is present, in which case it would only appear beside the signer’s name, and only on collapsed card view. This issue was resolved, and the alert now appears below the signer’s name in collapsed card view, and is properly displayed in expanded card view.

23344 – Fixed strange characters appearing in admin and reports in Arabic and French

An issue was found with the way reports and admin section are displayed when user language is set to Arabic or French. This has been fixed and now reports and admin section will properly display in Arabic and French as intended.

23351 – Fixed position of “Send a file” button in IE

Previously, the “Send a file” button would on occasion appear off-center when creating a new transaction. The issue has been fixed and the button will always appear centered and functional.

23493 – User will now be prompted to update an expired password upon login

Previously, if a company has a password expiration policy in place, users with expired passwords would simply see the message that their password is incorrect. This has been fixed, and the user is now presented with a more comprehensive message, and prompted to update their password.

23535 – Fixed notification message when changing signers on a transaction

An issue was identified with the “Change Signer” feature for transactions, where the user would see an incomprehensive notification upon completing the change. This message has been updated to display a comprehensive message.

23546 – Collapsed cards of different transaction types now align properly

Previously, viewing multiple collapsed cards with different transaction types would have misaligned columns. This has been fixed and all collapsed cards have their columns aligned, regardless of mismatching transaction types.

23557 – Fixed issue with change signer feature for document packages

An issue was found with the change signer function not working when applied to document packages in SimQ and MV2, where the signers would not get updated. This has been fixed, and signers are now properly getting updated when this feature is used.


22483 – GridWidget now creates multiple signing templates correctly

Previously, when using the GridWidget in a landing page and exceeding the maximum number of rows, signing templates would generate incorrectly, resulting in all templates past the first would have incorrect values. This has been fixed, and now exceeding rows wrap into their own templates with correct values.

22770 – GRID Filters in grid builder of SimQ Manager will now display correctly

An issue was identified in SimQ Manager’s grid builder, where comma-separated filters would not show the filter’s values upon revisiting it, despite the filter still working as it was defined. This has been fixed and the filter values are now showing in the grid builder.

23075 – Fixed an issue with a drop-down widget Combobox property

Previously, when enabling the combobox option on the drop-down menu widget, the landing page would initially show it as a drop-down menu, and would only change to a combo-box upon closing and reopening the landing page. This has been fixed and the widget is now displayed as a combobox upon initial visit.

23201 – Fixed issue with data propagation

An issue was found when using network transactions, where if the source package had no landing pages, the field values were not properly passed back.  This problem has now been corrected and network transactions will function even if the source package has no landing pages.

23366 – Fixed Dynamic Charts inserting pages with incorrect page size

Previously, using this feature would create pages with incorrectly, which resulted in visually noticeable inconsistency in page sizes. This has been fixed, and the inserted pages will now be of same size as the template

23483 – Corrected a label for ATAC permission to hide CSV export

Previously, the i18n value for ‘AtacPermissionHideExportToCSVTxt’ was incorrect. The value for this ATAC permission has been changed to “Can not export to CSV”.

23621 – Deleting temporary attachments will no longer break the email sending

Previously, during some processes that involved the deletion of temporary attachments, the email would not get sent to all recipients. The issue has been fixed, and all recipients will now receive the necessary emails.

23622 – Removing row from smart widgets will now update total amount

An issue was identified with smart widgets and calculations, where removing a row would not process the formula anymore and the total amount field would remain unchanged. This has been fixed and removing a row will update the total amount field accordingly.

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