There are many ways to report in MV2. Statistics and metrics can be found in the Reports section. This can be accessed on the left-hand menu, or by clicking on the 9-dot menu on the top-right of the screen:

This will open the Reports section:

There are different types of reports available for viewing.

Status reports will show you the general Transaction status statistics, how many agreements are in each state at different times:

Average Time reports show the average amount of days that it takes to process (complete) agreements each month:

Speed reports indicate how many agreements were completed within specified amount of time (eg: less than one day, more than one day, more than 7 days, etc.):

Activity reports shows how many agreements were published versus completed per month:

The Rewind report indicates how many documents each user rewound:

You can also include custom reports by clicking the wrench bottom on the bottom-right of the reports screen. From here you can customize columns for the report and decide their contents:

Once the necessary columns have been defined, hit the save button and it will be made available in the main reports page.

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