Agreement Express 17.10 Release Notes May 17, 2017


22512 – Print Disabled message’s OK button can now be customized

An issue was found with the Disable Printing feature, which limited customization of the notification that the users would receive upon attempting to print an agreement. While the notification was customizable, the button was not, which would limit support for multiple languages. This issue has been resolved and the button for the notification can now be customized.

22708 – Improvement to Database connectivity in the back-end

Improvements have been made to some classes which handle database connectivity, to work better with recent changes to internal configurations.

22870 – Fixed a bug with agreement recipients only seeing attachments.

A bug was found when a workflow contains a hidden landing page and an attachment is added by the publisher; the recipient would only see the attachment and none of the landing pages that aren’t hidden. This issue has been fixed and recipients can now see all landing pages that they are meant to.

22872 – Cannot change comment in Template Field Rules to be blank

An issue was identified with Template Field Rules where if the Comments field has anything in it, then the field couldn’t be changed to be empty. This has been fixed and comments can now be removed from template field rules without issue.

22991 – Added next signer tracking for documents published from Flex and newapi

Expanded on logic for publishing documents from Flex and newapi to also track the next signers in the agreement.

23010 – Fixed a bug in Salesforce integration which would cause an error

A bug was found where a null pointer exception would prevent salesforce integration if some elements were missing. This issue has been resolved.

23111 – Fixed a bug with the date field not getting fully cleared

An issue was identified where setting the date field and then clearing would remove it visually, but the value would remain in the field. This has been fixed and the date value now gets cleared properly.

23202 – Issue found in some cases when reading PDFs at version 1.6.

A problem was found where, in some cases, there was issues reading the information from PDFs that were at version 1.6.  This issue has been resolved and there should no longer be issues with PDFs that are at version 1.6.

23236 – Fixed issue with signature disappearing when resizing Firefox window

On occasion, when viewing an agreement in firefox and re-sizing the window, the signature box would disappear and prevent the user from signing the agreement. This issue has been resolved.


22736 – Collapsed Card View displays elapsed time to the hour

The elapsed time displayed on the Collapsed Card view will now show the number of hours instead of 0 Days.

22838 – Collapsed Card view now shows next signer, and

The Collapsed Card view now shows the current signer with a blue circle to indicate their signing level, as well as the next signer in line which will have a grey circle indicating theirs (when there are multiple levels of signers). In addition to this, there will be an elapsed time indicator for the current signer.

22741 – Expanded Card View displays elapsed time to the hour

The elapsed time displayed on the Expanded Card view will now show the number of hours instead of 0 Days.

22937 – Replaced attachment loading message with a loading spinner

The loading message which appears when opening an attachment has been replaced with a loading spinner which will be present until the attachment is fully loaded.

22990 – Expanded on Database functionality for better next signer identification

Expanded on the database used to identify the next signer in agreements, and the code which handles connections to and information from this database. This will improve performance of several features such as “Show documents I can sign now”

19997 – Fixed sidebar appearing without scroll bar in Chrome on Windows

An issue was identified when viewing the workspace in Chrome on Windows. On smaller screens the sidebar would turn into a drawer-style menu, but would not have a scrollbar for navigation. This has been fixed and the menu will now have a scrollbar when viewed in Chrome on Windows

22205 – Landing pages now appear in proper size for the window

A bug was identified with landing pages appearing too large for the window, and adjusting the view by zooming out would not carry over to other pages. This has been fixed and the adjusted view will now carry over from page to page.

22388 – Removed source field names from appearing when exporting reports

An issue was identified when exporting reports to CSV, where a small table containing field names would appear on the bottom-left corner of the browser. This has been fixed and the field names no longer appear.

22394 – Expanding hidden sidebar in Firefox appears correctly now

Previously, when trying to expand the hidden sidebar in Firefox it would not appear. This issue has been fixed and the sidebar will now appear as expected.

22790 – Option to upload a Fillable Form no longer present during signing process

When signing a published document, there was previously an option to upload a document and set it as a “Fillable Form” for signature. This option is no longer available.

22812 – Changes made to improve Factory View migration.

Previously, migrating a Factory View would fail for older transactions and the migration would stop if it failed on one transaction.  This has been corrected so older transactions will not fail during the Factory View migration.  Also, if a transaction does fail, the migration will carry on with the rest of the migration.

22828 – Collapsed card now displays recipients in “All” Transaction view

Previously, when clicking the “All” button under teams, the collapsed cards would not show the recipients of the transactions. This has been fixed and recipient details are present on the collapsed cards.

22837 – Transactions/Folder tab will now have scrollbar

An issue was identified with the Transaction panel, where if there are too many folders and transactions to be contained in a single view, not all will be visible and there was no way to select the ones off-view. A scrollbar was introduced, which will enable users to navigate through all transactions and folders.

22839 – Further visual improvements made to the transactions panel

The Transactions panel on the right side of the screen has been changed to have extra padding on the top and the bottom, and the fab will now move alongside the panel.

22918 – Fixed issue which prevented transposition to new transaction

An bug was found which prevented the ability to create new transactions with details from an existing transaction. This was fixed and details are now properly transposed between transactions as expected.

22940 – Corrected a typo for the tooltip over the Download button

The label which appears over the download icon when hovering the cursor over it used to say “Downlaod”. This typo has been corrected and the label now says “Download”.

22944 – Fixed positioning of tooltip over “Snooze” button

Previously, when hovering the cursor over the “Snooze” button, the tooltip would appear below the icon, while all the other buttons would have tooltips hovering above them. This has been fixed and the tooltip for Snooze hovers above the button.

23014 – List of transactions is now updated correctly when switching companies

Previously, changing between companies would update the list of transactions available for publishing. This has been fixed, and the transactions menu will now correctly reflect the transactions that are available for the company that you are viewing.

23113 – Adding multiple attachments no longer makes the dialogue go off-screen

An issue was found where adding too many attachments would make the attachment interface expend past the screen, removing the ability to edit them. This has been fixed and the attachments can now be scrolled through.

23132 – Patched script to work with database changes for next signer functionality

Script has been patched to set correct values to the next signer table, to accommodate the recent changes to the database.

23134 – Reports can now be deleted

A new feature was added to the report module that allows users to delete reports.  To user this feature, go to the report tool in MV2.  Click the menu on the report to delete and select “Edit”.  Once the report editor opens, click on the Delete button.  This will prompt for confirmation that the report should be deleted.  Once confirmed, the system will redirect to the All Reports page and the deleted report should be gone.

23146 – Tutorial text has been updated

An update was made to the first page of the Tutorial that now recommends users disable their pop-up blockers and provides a link for user to check the recommended browsers. 

23167 – Update made to toolbar when selecting multiple transactions.

Updates have been made to the toolbar when multiple transactions are selected from the My Workspace section.  The updates now provide tooltips for the buttons on the toolbar.  Also, when clicking the X at the far left of the toolbar, the system will automatically remove the check boxes from the selected transactions.

23205 – System now prevents users without proper rights from editing reports.

A problem was found where any user was able to edit the reports from the MV2 report tool regardless of the user’s rights.  This problem has been corrected and only users with the appropriate rights will be able to edit the reports.

23284 – Corrected typo in dialogue box for deleting a report

There was a typo in the dialogue box which pops up when attempting to delete a report. This has been corrected.

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