Agreement Express 17.9 Release Notes May 3, 2017

Release 17.9


Release date: May 03, 2017


22397  Functionality added to show specific data using Details button (SimQ and MV2).

When scorecards are used, they often call to different systems to run tasks that gather information.  In some cases, the same task is used for multiple process tasks.  For example, GIACT Business and GIACT Owner both use the Giact webTask, but with the use of the new functionality, we can selectively show just the individual and business input fields in the popups of the corresponding details buttons.



20399  System now gives more information when export exceeds size limit.

Previously, when doing a company export, the system would alert that the size limit was reached and some templates may not have been exported.  However, there was no way to tell which templates were skipped.  An enhancement was made so that when the size limit is reached during a company export, the system will provide a list of the templates that were not exported.

21350  Migrating template links across servers now works properly.

An issue was found when migrating template links across servers, where the links would not get properly migrated.  This issue has been resolved and migrating templates with links will now successfully migrate the links to the destination.

22513  Fixed issue where Correspondence can't be manually marked as responded to.

Resolved an issue which prevented the manual marking of email correspondences as responded directly from the Correspondence tab in the comments section of a document. This can now be done by navigating to the comments section of any document, switching to the correspondence tab, selecting an unanswered email and clicking on the "Mark Responded" button.

22514  Re-running TIN Check service from scorecards no longer causes issue.

Previously re-running the TIN Check service from scorecards would not update the fields to reflect the correct details. The details should now get correctly updated with each re-run.

22418  Extended lookups can now be exported successfully.

An issue was found in the SimQ interface that was preventing the export of a companies extended lookups.  This issue has now been resolved and the extended lookups should export without any issues.

22585  V3 publishing allows for same template to be used multiple times using One-To-Many.

In V2 publishing, you can set up a one-to-many instance where the same template will be generated multiple times.  This functionality was not working with V3 publishing.  A correction has been made to V3 publishing that allows for this functionality.

22711  Email type now being set consistently.

An issue was found where the email type was not always being set consistently.  This issue has now been corrected and the email type should always be set.

22735  Rewinding department signatures now working properly.

Issues where found when rewinding transactions containing department signatures that would cause the department signature to not be rewound.  These problems have now been fixed and rewinding will successfully rewind any department signatures in the transaction.


21607  Added functionality improves behaviour of signature placeholder.

Improvements have been made to the signature placeholders seen when sending documents.  From the Save and Send panel, the system will now prompt for confirmation when attempting to delete a placeholder signature.


21656  Update made to left hand menu of agreement viewer.

The left-hand menu you see listing documents in the agreement has been updated.  The menu will now display a better organized view of the documents.

21656  Update made to left hand menu of agreement viewer.

The left-hand menu you see listing documents in the agreement has been updated.  The menu will now display a better organized view of the documents.

22391  Update to welcome letter sent out when new users are created (MV2, SimQ and Flex affected).

Updates have been made to the welcome letter that is sent out when creating new users.  The Welcome agreement received, will now open in MV2 view regardless of which interface it was sent from.  The welcome PDF itself has also been updated to a more modern look (see below).

22401  Now able to tab through fields on create new dialog boxes.

Added functionality so users are now able to tab through the fields in the dialog boxes while creating new users or transaction definitions.


21657- Update made to the action bar when viewing agreements.

The action bar at the top right of the agreement viewer has been cleaned up.  Items like the comments, download and zoom in/out features have been moved to a separate menu accessible using the three dots at the top right.

22374  Styling improvements made to the My Workspace section of MV2.

Changes have been made to improve the styling of the My Workspace section of MV2.  Changes include updated colours for the different items on the sidebar and when an item is selected on the sidebar, the same colour will appear on the top bar.

22678  Dropdowns added for Transaction Type and Status when creating reports.

In the MV2 report tool, when adding a filter, dropdowns have now been added for both the Transaction Type and Status.  This makes it easier for users who previously had to type out the transaction type or status.

22683  In team reporting, a blank card will be displayed if no data is returned.

New functionality has been added to the team reporting tool so that if there is no data returned a blank card will be displayed.  See below for example:

20366  Resend from MV2 now explains how to use launch code.

When resending an agreement, the resend popup now has instructions, including how to use the launch code.

21155  Search for publisher now works properly if ATAC tags are used.

A problem was found in both MV2 and SimQ where, if the company had any ATAC tags configured, the search results would not be correct.  This issue has now been resolved and the search for publisher will now work when the company is using ATAC tags.

21820  Now loads more transactions meeting criteria while searching.

Previously in MV2, after a search was performed, scrolling to the bottom of the page would not load more items meeting the search criteria.  This issue has now been resolved and scrolling down while in a search will load more related transactions if they exist.

22019  Factory view processing enhancements.

Enhancements have been made to correct issues with the Factory view.  The enhancements include fix for issues when changing signer, functionality to calculate the average completion time for transactions, fixes for issues when migrating data and fixes for issues when a transaction has 2 or more signers at different signing levels.

22142  Corrected issue when placing or moving personal signature.

When adding a personal signature an issue was found where when the signature box is added it would appear lower than expected and if moved it would appear higher than expected.  These issues have now been resolved and it is now clear where the personal signature is being placed.

22614 - Improvements done to team creation and editing.

Previously, it was possible to create a team with a blank user. This has been fixed, and creating a team with a blank user is no longer possible. Additionally, when editing a team, all users who belong to that team will be properly displayed.

22671  Corrected logic for calculating the “active for” value of a transaction.

A change has been made in the way the "active for" value of a transaction is being calculated. Previously, a completed transaction would have its time derived from current date/time. This value now represents the time between the timestamp of transaction being created to that of it being completed.

22765  Agreements are now being published consistently.

Issue found with debugger statements in code causing some agreement not to be published. This issue has been corrected and agreement are now consistently being published in MV2.

22784  Newly added publisher can now open welcome letter.

A problem was identified where a newly added publisher would not be able to open the welcome letter they received to register.  This has been resolved and new publisher should have no issues accessing the welcome letter.

22789  Fixed styling when viewing MV2 from tablet in portrait mode.

When viewing MV2 from a tablet in portrait mode, problems with document and pencil singing icons being misplaced were identified and corrected.

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